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Good day and happy new year. I wish to sincerely express our profound gratitude to God and the Chairman of Simons Goodwill Foundation and all our well wishers and donors all over the world who visited the Foundation’s website and must have become acquainted with the social and humanitarian activities of the Foundation. We thank you for your comments.

For sometime now, we have not been able to provide update on our activities. It is majorly due to lack of funds as we have not been able to receive the needed support and donations from any organization or individual. At this juncture, we immensely thank the Chairman of the Foundation, Mr. Simon Ugochukwu Okorocha, who since inception of the Foundation has been the financial backbone of the Foundation.

In consonance with our aims and objectives, we have outlined some project goals to be achieved in 2021 if and only if the resources are within our disposal. This can only be realistic with your much needed partnership support even on a widow’s might scale on areas of financial donations and support with relief materials as the conditions may warrant.
Thank you, and remain blessed.

Austin Akulue Secretary, Board of Trustees.
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